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- Happy birthday to us! ...2010.03.15 18:50:00
- Thank you for all the kind words. It's nice to see so many current and former members.MM ...2010.01.15 14:27:00
- Darn, Ceo and didn't even make it to the first page.Five years ago when I came up with the idea all ...2009.03.15 10:02:00
- Am i right in thinking that you cannot train the skill "caldari strategic cruiser" yet? I started tr ...2009.02.09 16:28:00
- let's take this back up...MM ...2009.02.01 13:02:00
- The main fun of EVE is the people you play with. When you find a corp of like minded people it's lik ...2009.01.19 11:10:00
- Edited by: Morning Maniac on 16/05/2008 06:31:55 Unfortunately i have to admit that Privateer's hav ...2008.05.16 06:30:00
- I was and still am the leader and I never mailed you. It's within game mechanics to wardec us, why m ...2008.05.15 18:39:00
- I'm sure that when I get home from work and log in I'll find that all the former MC corps have appli ...2008.05.14 16:57:00
- I can spot one trend here -> most of the major alliances in this thread are posting positive stuff ( ...2008.05.13 12:03:00
- my idea was so good that no one has anything to add?MM ...2008.05.06 19:37:00
- Currently it's far too easy and cheap to wardec a corp or an alliance and just keep the wardec going ...2008.05.05 16:31:00
- I would just like to confirm what others have said. Deirdra is one of the mainstays of EVE Universit ...2008.05.05 15:42:00
- First of all, Raptor2007 is an ex-student of the University who should know better. He still had an ...2008.04.04 16:45:00
- I'm not saying that 180 ships isn't a large amount or even a blob. I just thought it was funny how q ...2008.03.07 10:33:00

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