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- Play bc2 or some other game for a while until you feel like playing eve again (if it happens). This ...2011.05.27 14:16:00
- Edited by: Rasta Rocketman on 16/05/2011 17:45:14 Every now and then I get an email in my inbox inv ...2011.05.16 17:43:00
- You really need to fit a tank. Maybe 1x floaty toy, or even a damage specific hardener.Nice job sieg ...2011.05.16 16:24:00
- the smartbombing geddon was pretty funny ...2011.05.16 14:24:00
- This is like smearing honey all over yourself and hoping not to attract flies. ...2011.05.16 13:55:00
- Nerf PL.been done once already, AOE DD nerf ...2010.12.07 21:16:00
- Sup Metal Dude, we're coming to fortress Delve next. Yup, you and 50K of your closest pets. No ba ...2010.12.01 15:36:00
- Nice work on all sides. We just squeeked that kill in before the 2nd aeon logoffski timer was up. ...2010.11.29 17:52:00
- Selling nidhoggur with 3x CCC rigs. Will deliver and set up contract in heimatar or metropolis. ...2010.11.16 15:17:00
- Edited by: Rasta Rocketman on 02/11/2010 15:12:00 I hate the word toon too, makes it sound like thi ...2010.11.02 15:04:00
- I would guess only huge alliance leaders have access to that kind of isk, but then again isk-making ...2010.11.01 14:49:00
- Thanks For All The Fish ...2010.10.28 13:57:00
- 2 for me ...2010.10.24 02:51:00
- Edited by: Rasta Rocketman on 24/10/2010 02:05:41 ...2010.10.24 02:04:00
- First off,This is a great game. I have been "eveing" it up for 7 years now. I have met a lot of ve ...2010.10.22 14:24:00

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