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- Is no-one else concerned by the wording of " breaking items, like ships with different stats t ...2011.07.03 10:40:00
- I dont understand the rage quitting to be honest. Yes, there are hardware issues with the station ef ...2011.06.27 07:10:00
- CCP doesn't play ball with virtual terrorists. Stopped reading thereMeh, fair enough. One person's ...2011.06.26 20:50:00
- "Fighting" Trader wants to move to 0.0 for PvP.Some lowsec pvp experience, but not much.Looking for ...2010.03.01 21:01:00
- Hi All,Is it worth using more than one missile type during combat, depending on what you are trying ...2009.12.30 18:08:00
- So, for PvP use, even if you train EM Compensation to V, the benefit to passive hardeners is still n ...2009.12.04 07:07:00
- Is it worth training if you use active hardeners? ...2009.12.03 23:03:00
- Is your CPU SSE compliant?I have the same problem, caused by a non-SSE CPU, and old pc.dat settings ...2009.03.22 09:18:00
- seems it has to do with the SSE support. EVE disables sound if your proc doesn't have SSE ...2009.03.17 10:49:00
- From my amateur deductions, and looking at the above responses, this has got to have something to do ...2009.03.17 09:53:00
- Come on, there must be more people getting this issue. ...2009.03.12 10:40:00
- I am also getting this. I try to drag an item from Items to Cargo, and I get a nice picture of the i ...2009.03.12 09:33:00
- Thanks Intigo, kind of backs up my thinking. I like the idea of getting under the guns of a ship wit ...2009.03.02 17:02:00
- Overall volume is what really counts. How quickly you can shift a volume of isk in order to make a r ...2009.03.02 15:18:00
- fair. Sellers will recognize that, and you'll be rewarded with 10x the volume and 1/10 the .01 isk h ...2009.02.10 13:40:00

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