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- Surely this has come up several times in the thread already, but: "distance remaining" when warping ...2011.02.10 19:08:00
- Edited by: Glari on 03/01/2011 22:22:18 In trying to see how closely I can approximate my real-life ...2011.01.03 22:16:00
- Really minor issue that I'll just throw out there because I hit it: when selecting the bloodline and ...2011.01.03 04:29:00
- Since it sounds like one of the strongest objections is that the first alliance to build cap ships w ...2010.11.24 06:58:00
- Glari,16,24,26,27,33,44,156,163,197,201 ...2010.11.22 04:51:00
- Edited by: Glari on 30/06/2010 19:59:00 I just reactivated an old account (not this one for reasons ...2010.06.30 19:59:00
- The exe in 2.12.4 gives me an "unknown publisher" warning on launch. This surprised me because I di ...2010.06.06 04:56:00
- It seems like the current system penalizes longer links excessively and essentially ensures that ins ...2010.04.21 21:43:00
- I agree it's not that big a deal. If it was a rank 5 I would be posting about this weekly instead o ...2009.11.25 22:23:00
- Post-Dominion, Survey V is no longer required for Archaeology. I won't get into whether that, in it ...2009.11.24 18:31:00
- I know this isn't the major issue but: Further to this I find that in the absence of a bubble, it i ...2009.05.15 02:16:00
- Both the auto-patcher and the patch web page say that the file I need to patch from pre-1.1 (http:// ...2009.05.15 01:37:00
- I looked carefully through the stickies, and briefly through the results of eve-search for "heat dam ...2009.05.08 17:45:00
- As noted in the discussion page of the Neural Remapping entry, there appears to be some inconsistenc ...2009.03.19 17:14:00
- I like EFT and I'm glad there is such tool, but IMHO the community will benefit a lot more if EFT wi ...2009.03.19 16:39:00

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