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- Anybody else notice that the Gallante are all concerned about civilian lives and their right to rule ...2011.07.26 09:40:00
- CCP Pann best wishes. CCP how about you wake up your CEO to discuss the level of excellence in your ...2011.06.26 15:57:00
- Activation on clone jump.Activation delayed, awaiting uplink.Uplink detected.Uploading message from ...2011.05.26 19:56:00
- Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/04/2011 12:37:09 When I'm in a Hound Stealth Bomber and have fitted ...2011.04.10 15:55:00
- The FPS community wont want anything to do with a spaceship game Since no Halo player ever wanted t ...2011.04.02 17:29:00
- "True slaves are an abomination with death as the only mercy available to them!""All slavery should ...2010.12.20 13:59:00
- mr.Hax well done, remember to petition for that 4b back.On the matter of cargo delivery MD discussio ...2010.12.19 14:38:00
- To test his new liver set. ...2010.12.10 15:58:00
- I seem to be confused.what I heard is that you'll push back aganst Sansha's attacks in Matari space, ...2010.12.09 03:24:00
- A fence-sitter.Your lack of loyalty to the Master is noted. When Nation is victorious, I would...dis ...2010.12.09 02:58:00
- I considered crafting a PR piece about sovereign entities and all that.. Manifesto stuff.But basical ...2010.12.08 18:14:00
- However, in the past few weeks, threats to the stability of the Cordon areas has been significantly ...2010.11.01 23:53:00
- *clip*Why do I find it so very appropriate that the "politicos" be welcomed by the Veto and Risen A ...2010.11.01 20:37:00
- *Chuckles*Why do I find it so very appropriate that the "politicos" be welcomed by the Veto and Ris ...2010.11.01 09:33:00
- Pilot Jenneth. First part: motive for EoM? Works well enough for a simple answer. Even if I seem to ...2010.10.30 03:26:00

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