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- I give u my evemale. I not nede 2 drake too kill ishtare because Ishtare. Warpeng out or neutrale r ...2011.02.21 20:57:00
- Nothing wrong with his drake fit if he fight an ishtar or frigs, im worried my drones will not last ...2011.02.21 20:41:00
- Op if you are not using IN MF crystals and implants you are doing something wrong. Wait a min? you a ...2011.02.21 19:30:00
- Hi i come back eve i think i hear drake easy kill ishtar lol someone shud doel me drake in ishtareI ...2011.02.21 19:14:00
- Drake? what is the problem? a standard fitted myrm or harbi should have no problem. And i really lik ...2011.02.21 11:53:00
- IMO Eve is far more CPU bound than GPU. I'm currently running a i7 920 with HT enabled at 3.6GHz and ...2011.02.20 13:15:00
- Actually I am only looking for short range high-sec transports, so speed and safety doesn't matter ...2011.02.20 13:00:00
- My initiative for this post was to make the point that CCP is going to add more to the game. I Hope ...2011.02.18 01:27:00
- Was worried they was going to fix the lag or do something about the bots but i'm happy to see my 30 ...2011.02.18 00:46:00
- Mainly you need AWU V once you start using t2 guns and fittings in regular basis or you just don't l ...2011.02.16 13:40:00
- both Nidhoggur and Chimera are bad unless you want to rep POS shields the chimera is slightly better ...2011.02.15 20:11:00
- Sure you can solo a lot of ships in a pilgrim, but problem is that it take so long time to kill some ...2011.02.14 11:41:00
- Instead of giving people more stuff to do when they are docked I would rather see that you lost 250 ...2011.02.12 15:45:00
- You really want atleast a set of light drones, if a scraming frig get under your guns you have no wa ...2011.02.12 10:35:00
- A neut domi would kill a tri rep myrm but i think a tri rep myrm would beat a blaster domi. A passiv ...2011.02.11 18:23:00

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