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- You have the right to play the game.... and the right to not pay for the game, and leave. There is ...2011.06.22 19:47:00
- Just out of interest and because I know someone here will know - What are your general rights as a ...2011.06.22 19:18:00
- Turn it off. ...2011.06.22 19:03:00
- I hear third-person perspective games will be popular this year. I thought Fade To Black for DOS was ...2011.06.22 19:00:00
- You guys who bought these things remind me of the Jewish people who volunteered to help after the Ge ...2011.06.22 18:33:00
- 1200 Haitian bonbon de terres, but that's "mud" to you and me. Bon apetit. ...2011.06.22 18:29:00
- Man, Eve used to be cool. Now you're all turning into the same trolls, everyones the same, one big m ...2011.06.22 17:46:00
- Not if you were damped down by the Maulus wing before you got all the jams off. See, this is why.... ...2011.06.21 19:17:00
- Edited by: ISD Stephan Lau on 21/06/2011 17:07:53 Greetings Capsuleers,To clear up any confusion, y ...2011.06.21 18:58:00
- Which would be perfect if we wouldn't have to pay real TQ ISK for the ships. Ok ok, there's a lot of ...2011.06.21 18:49:00
- Edited by: Darcy D''Spledide on 21/06/2011 18:23:30 I don't like the idea of turning something this ...2011.06.21 18:19:00
- Has it ever happened? I mean, just for lulz and for recording it, two fleets of twenty or fifty or a ...2011.06.20 19:52:00
- easy... Alestorm! ...2011.06.20 03:12:00
- Have you ever had a herp that you were so sure was derp, that you couldn't tell the herp derp from t ...2011.06.16 00:00:00
- +1 ...2011.06.15 21:58:00

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