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- Could it be gamed by having one alliance use a friendly, but set to not blue corp for target practic ...2011.08.21 05:27:00
- Im pretty sure theres more to follow. I kind of wish they would release some screenies of advanced ...2011.08.21 05:25:00
- Quantity, the quality never quite makes it there anyway but CCP sure knows how to push out almost co ...2011.08.21 01:00:00
- The new dev blog talks about how CCP wont be releasing anything via CQ till end of yearish. ...2011.08.21 00:57:00
- People like you would have to come out of your 'safety holes' to trade, which would severely limit ...2011.08.21 00:29:00
- While I like the idea of this, I think fluctuating ingame items price when real money is involved is ...2011.08.21 00:20:00
- I think it should be less Aurum, say 3 or 4 aurum ... great idea! ...2011.08.21 00:12:00
- Great, the new big patch will include more walking in stationsGIVE US SOMETHING TO SHOOT (at) - or b ...2011.08.19 17:08:00
- The jumping to conclusions bandwagon, you must be one of those idiots who were shooting a statue due ...2011.08.19 16:54:00
- Edited by: Jada Maroo on 19/08/2011 13:20:48 The ONLY new piece of information in that devblog is w ...2011.08.19 16:33:00
- Edit: On a more serious note, can't we just set all highsec and lowsec systems to null, and call i ...2011.08.18 04:18:00
- They are corporations because one person started it for a goal. As you make friends in EVE you will ...2011.08.18 04:15:00
- Im sure there has to be a vested interest with the interaction between the ground forces and the spa ...2011.08.18 04:09:00
- Anyone using a Ferox for mining does not understand the mechanics behind scanning that allow Moas to ...2011.08.18 03:27:00
- You're not the first person to bring this up, no.And you're not the first person I've replied to thi ...2011.08.18 02:50:00

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