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- x simply because my comp cant handle it, I wont play without both accounts on at the same time and c ...2011.06.22 01:10:00
- Join now, our R&D guys are close to developing rocket-chainsaws! ...2011.03.29 13:22:00
- wow this lag is horrible. both my main and my alt have been stuck in 4j9 for over half an hour and ...2011.01.14 23:28:00
- on contract in AMARR. ...2011.01.05 18:10:00
- HEY! The good thing is that you don't have to keep scouring the forums to find a corp to join cuz y ...2010.12.08 21:41:00
- No one better to fly with than the guys in our corp. The only thing we don't offer is hunting zerg, ...2010.08.08 15:27:00
- Awesome corp, havin an awesome time screwin with reds. Nothing like some well organized cat and mou ...2010.06.30 13:57:00
- Man I lucked out this having been the first corp I joined. I see lots of players who's employment h ...2010.06.27 14:59:00
- All I have to say is that I've seen lots of people who've jumped from corp to corp to corp.... Join ...2010.06.10 13:24:00

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