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- I don't get people saying power relay in lows is stupid on a Drake. With my low skills and 4 Power r ...2010.12.04 11:34:00
- Additionnal info, when i alt-tab back to the desktop (cause it's not like my computer is frozen, at ...2010.12.02 13:30:00
- Tried EvE's safe mode since start, didn't work in any case.Could it be possible that EvE force a ref ...2010.12.02 13:27:00
- Bump my skill queue gonna be empty in 14 min and 46 sec. ...2010.12.02 10:04:00
- Doing lvl 4 missions with these ships, while skilling for a BS :p also, takes it easy :p ...2010.01.02 17:52:00
- Edited by: Dj''aro on 02/01/2010 17:09:29 Ok, so i use items that i can afford with my low SP, and ...2010.01.02 17:05:00
- Maybe i m missing something but a passive shield tanked hurricane has just as much tank then a pass ...2010.01.02 16:18:00
- Went thru most tech 1 cruisers/BC and faction cruiser in EFT, cept caldari, can t get much more then ...2009.12.26 13:47:00
- Nvm about the 10MN on a frig, isn t viable at all xD forgive my noobiness (did some testing). :P ...2009.12.25 05:24:00
- I was thinking about a close range AS (wolf), with a 10MN AB, which grants a 2km/s speed with capa s ...2009.12.25 03:50:00
- Allright, tried the cane AC in 2 diff missions lvl 4, and wasn t really great. I was movin like a ro ...2009.12.23 21:01:00
- Btw, does anyone know if this wonderful soft EvE COMBAT LOG ana ...2009.12.23 14:14:00
- Allright i see, skilling tech 2 medium or large turret for amar might take a while i bet tho (+ rela ...2009.12.23 14:06:00
- If i read you correctly you mean amaar/gallente or minmat can push approx the same DPS ?As an update ...2009.12.23 13:56:00
- Well, after talking with corpmate and lookin at EFT i figured minmat wasn t that great DD.Some notes ...2009.12.23 12:16:00

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