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- WTS 1 Rep Fleet Tempest with 2 Capacitor Control Circuits and 1 Core Defense Operational Solidifier ...2011.07.05 21:40:00
- Happy B-Day guyz!!! ...2010.08.07 03:46:00
- Sooooo, in other words you mean no stading reset and blah blah blah, our pos gets hit need help ect. ...2009.06.21 09:25:00
- These guys are great!! Hit up their public channel!! ...2009.06.18 19:28:00
- Good ol Butter Dog has no life outside of EvE. One hand floggin the #@*&, and the other typing. He ...2009.06.12 07:11:00
- GL to Tri mk3 . NC/TCF and Co. couldnt beat them b4 with sov space. With nothing to really loose t ...2009.05.12 19:34:00
- Bumpity, Looking for some pvpers ...2009.05.02 21:36:00
- Its like 2:00 or 3:00 eve time, and damn it Ill be in traffic trying to get home from work then .Cou ...2009.04.22 15:05:00
- Edited by: Van Nuys on 31/03/2009 21:52:05 We Might be something that your interested in. We do li ...2009.03.31 21:46:00
- We might be what you are looking for.We do the small/med gang roaming, no POS bashing as we pretty m ...2009.03.31 21:33:00
- Hey man check out our link or our public chat KHAO PUBLIC We might be something your looking for.Sm ...2009.03.31 21:29:00
- We may fit what your looking for! Laid back Small gang PVP without the POS stuff corp/alliance.Laid ...2009.03.31 21:19:00
- Hey we might be what your interested in. We dont do the FW stuff but sometimes a gang of them fly th ...2009.03.31 21:00:00
- We may be a good fit for ya, heres a Link to our Recruitment Post: Click Me!Small gang PVP, no POS ...2009.03.31 20:56:00
- Back on Up for another round.Join our pub chat and shoot the bull with us and see what we are all ab ...2009.03.31 20:22:00

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