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- Ever since Tyrannis, I can't add anything to my contact list. The list was pretty large (about 300) ...2010.05.29 13:57:00
- So funny story.I read this post the other day, and the thought I have is "so like who are these corp ...2010.04.08 18:46:00
- A friend I play with was suddenly perma-banned with no warning issued and no reason given (other tha ...2009.08.28 18:06:00
- Actually I disagree with going to test server. The thing that makes people panic is that they are g ...2009.07.28 20:33:00
- I propose we nerf forums, because they let you read about how to fly your ships and get better with ...2009.07.01 15:20:00
- Wowzers; apply with care then, I guess. The alliance thing did come up "in real life" recently BTW, ...2009.07.01 15:18:00
- Two things you can do: 1. Try warping in from different angles. Start at different planets, all wa ...2009.06.29 19:49:00
- When you put in a vote for a wardec, the message you receive has a cost for the wardec in it. Is th ...2009.06.29 19:43:00
- I think the OP has the right idea, and I favor a similar solution to the L4 mission "problem" as wel ...2009.06.24 19:25:00
- Edited by: Siu Supjee on 27/05/2009 18:26:08 Edited by: Siu Supjee on 27/05/2009 18:25:52 ^^ That ...2009.05.27 18:24:00
- Legion and Loki should get Electronics modules with CPU bonus, equivalent to the Tengu and Proteus m ...2009.03.17 01:38:00
- Confirmed. And also kinda freaked out the first time it happened :) ...2009.03.11 18:32:00
- In the 2/12 dev blog, there is this quote about tech 3 ships: Now, if we just take a moment to cons ...2009.02.16 22:17:00
- Any word on whether the Loki (or Tengu) will allow a less-mixed turret/missile layout? Will we be a ...2009.02.16 21:48:00
- Edited by: Siu Supjee on 05/11/2008 18:19:07 Saw this bug last night. Relogging fixed it, but it c ...2008.11.05 18:19:00

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