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- And Goons WERE defeated back then. Anyone saying anything else, then or now, is spouting crap. But t ...2008.02.25 20:38:00
- I don't know about the rest of the brouhaha in this thread but I'd just like to say thank you to BoB ...2007.12.16 14:01:00
- eh, bob cheats, news at 11.I expect to see a lot worse than this as we move forward. ...2007.12.15 05:10:00
- My recommendation would be to scrap killmails, we don't need that level of detail. However, peopl ...2007.10.15 17:22:00
- POSes destroyed in 5p and NLO, should be neutral tomorrow.No props for the bob fleet that sat next d ...2007.10.12 22:22:00
- So what you are saying is you are unable to take a constellation away from an alliance of less than ...2007.10.02 20:21:00
- One thing about this war I haven't understood is why Goon, RA and their allies invest so much time a ...2007.09.29 20:21:00
- To be honest, after reading this, I have more respect for Mercenary Coalition. Not just because they ...2007.09.28 00:04:00
- So your saying that you will complain to ccp about fighter drones causing game breaking lag but do ...2007.09.26 16:25:00
- You would'nt now BOB is using this tactic, so i suppose that is why so many goons have started cal ...2007.09.26 16:05:00
- What did you expect with the new sov changes? It takes a fair bit of time for sov to switch, and wi ...2007.09.26 00:03:00
- Silly alt poster, you only make people think you are exaggerating by posting it like that.Those who ...2007.09.21 13:34:00
- Sold to Bos, thanks! ...2007.06.01 21:35:00
- Posted transaction for Bos, awaiting confirmation. ...2007.06.01 21:14:00
- Edited by: Tiggus Maximus on 01/06/2007 21:34:19 1 Card to sell, first poster gets it. ...2007.06.01 21:05:00

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