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- A little update on the Liquidation I'm involved in.BSAMR Shares have all been sold. Last valuation o ...2011.04.05 15:43:00
- Before everyone blows this out of proportion, the original investment with BSAMR was to the sum of 1 ...2011.03.02 15:47:00
- CCP can have EBANK! why not right, they already have billions of it's ISK locked up in banned accoun ...2011.02.16 17:51:00
- See I think I found a real life version of what guys want their Avatar to look like in EVE. It's pre ...2011.01.25 23:10:00
- Deliberately made this one look as trashy as possible, for obvious reasons (Well obvious if you're a ...2011.01.22 05:50:00
- Look =O Twins =DThe big question is who would you rather sleep with? Me or her? ...2011.01.22 05:43:00
- How about mine? About as Trashy as this one ...2011.01.22 05:28:00
- Edited by: EBANK SencneS on 20/09/2010 00:06:31 What have you been doing for the last year?How long ...2010.09.20 00:05:00
- people would be looking at a 75% account balance, instead of a %30 Is this an official statement r ...2010.09.17 16:23:00
- Then please explain how the policy issue discussed in this thread relates to the RMT problem and wha ...2010.09.13 16:02:00
- A subsequent announcement will be made on the 19th of Septemeber.Confirming an announcement will be ...2010.09.06 21:20:00
- This is confirmation I agree to this announcement.Please verify your account/s within the next three ...2010.09.04 20:58:00
- Edited by: EBANK SencneS on 14/06/2010 16:43:51 ugh... Ignore ...2010.06.14 16:44:00
- Withdrawals, and issues, theory behind them.Since the beginning of this mess, the BOD have been work ...2010.06.07 15:42:00
- In order to answer post I will answer posts I wish I answer, as I come to them, if some are answered ...2010.06.07 14:02:00

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