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- 1 x pew pew 1 x scanning/prober/whatever/generalScan them out, then drop a BS on their head. Great ...2008.10.08 12:04:00
- Screw ethics. I'll do whatever is necessary to kick you to the floor, spit on your face and grind yo ...2008.10.08 11:58:00
- This is freaking epic! Actually, it's far beyond that but I have no other way to describe it.I do ha ...2008.09.29 09:38:00
- 1. Get a Drake! (No, really do) 2. Passive fit it, yes PASSIVE! 3. Warp into mission, kill everyth ...2008.09.08 14:05:00
- Took me a while to get to grips with science, research, invention, production and all that jazz but ...2008.09.08 13:59:00
- Edited by: Fencer Acrux on 03/09/2008 05:08:01 Edited by: Fencer Acrux on 03/09/2008 05:07:16 Edit ...2008.09.03 15:48:00
- I feel stupider for having read this. You read it?Havo, what the hell are you doing hanging around ...2008.09.03 15:44:00
- For an evil twist, you could try can baiting *in* a badger - it's been done Seriously though, as eve ...2008.09.03 15:39:00
- OK, loving this so far Just discovered 'Incognito mode' What? esssplain please!Incognito mode allo ...2008.09.03 15:18:00
- Edited by: Jim McGregor on 02/09/2008 18:50:40Top Gear... isnt that British? The US and the UK are b ...2008.09.02 19:41:00
- you europeans are alright by my book. Im culturizing (is that a word) with a bit of Top Gear season ...2008.09.02 19:39:00
- Edited by: Amastat on 02/09/2008 16:34:55 This now inspires me to load up EFT while waiting for the ...2008.09.02 16:51:00
- Edited by: Ashlee Darksky on 02/09/2008 16:44:43 ...2008.09.02 16:44:00
- Our corporations brave pilots have been always fighting against farmers and macro-users - our bigges ...2008.09.02 16:40:00
- This is from just the other day. I doubt every single one of those players is legit. ...2008.09.02 16:23:00

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