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- Ghost training was available for many years. Plenty of people did that (often unaware that this is ...2008.12.23 09:48:00
- Edited by: Twarda Sztuka on 08/09/2008 12:47:12 Not completely right... Previous poster is not cor ...2008.09.08 12:47:00
- Thanks for your purchase ...2008.08.29 06:26:00
- yep. 410m. both already sent. ...2008.08.29 06:24:00
- Edited by: Twarda Sztuka on 29/08/2008 06:24:44 Edited by: Twarda Sztuka on 29/08/2008 06:21:54 Ed ...2008.08.29 06:21:00
- It didn't come as great suprise that people heve strong feelings about possible speed nerf. Both pos ...2008.08.13 08:00:00
- Well, currently you would need around 600 mil SP 300milI have recalculated ... after removing few er ...2008.08.12 13:36:00
- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that booster also need correct level of leadership skills. Ot ...2008.08.12 12:32:00
- Well, currently you would need around 600 mil SP to cover all skills to level V. taking into account ...2008.08.11 12:58:00
- Yep, that how it works. You have to stop learning before jump. This makes life easier for CCP, as th ...2008.08.11 12:45:00
- I'm not 100% sure but my first answer would be no. The reason is that while you will get better stan ...2008.08.11 12:37:00
- There are more things you should consider. Are you using Field, or Fleet command ships ? When you ge ...2008.08.11 11:58:00
- I'm not sure, how did you get your formula. My approach was very simple. I added the rank for all pr ...2008.08.11 11:46:00
- 1) BC V is requirement for Command Ships. And they are great. 2) For Myrmidon, if you are not using ...2008.08.11 10:58:00
- Edited by: Twarda Sztuka on 11/08/2008 10:50:54 Lets assume that you have two accounts. Account A h ...2008.08.11 10:49:00

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