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- I dunno if CCP figured people would be building factory planets... why not just produce where you ma ...2010.08.05 18:51:00
- What I'd like to see is a corp hangar at the customs office and the ability to set up planets on beh ...2010.07.22 11:19:00
- Edited by: Par''Gellen on 21/07/2010 13:42:01 The PITA is the price you pay on improper colony desi ...2010.07.21 13:40:00
- Why the meaningless timer on moving goods between storage facilities? What purpose does it serve? Wh ...2010.07.18 17:47:00
- I liked it! :D ...2010.07.14 12:26:00
- GO SELFDESTRUCT EACH OTHER IN DRONE SPACE! I lol'd ...2010.01.05 00:50:00
- All my Eve audio went down the toilet when some boneheaded dev decided to change the focal point of ...2010.01.05 00:32:00
- Locked, problem solved. ...2010.01.05 00:22:00
- AHA! Thanks! Yeah I bought an implant. YAY CCP for making that vague and confusing! Great work! ...2010.01.05 00:10:00
- I just noticed this in my wallet journal. WTF? ...2010.01.05 00:03:00
- eve is not realLIES! ...2009.12.29 14:18:00
- For those that don't know, BorisHotch is a great guy that started a chat channel in game called Help ...2009.12.28 20:01:00
- Pretty much everyone from Europe that I've talked to or heard in videos etc. says Gee-ta whereas the ...2009.12.27 14:16:00
- Edited by: Par''Gellen on 27/12/2009 04:49:36 wait.. I have an even better idea let's make Eve "Cal ...2009.12.27 04:41:00
- Yes please! My drones have become stupid again as well. ...2009.12.26 16:04:00

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