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- supported ...2009.03.24 01:49:00
- I know that this one has been talked about to death, but I have an idea that might be much simpler t ...2009.03.21 17:08:00
- EVE is in a different galaxy than the milky way... perhaps it is younger with more nebulae? ...2009.03.21 15:00:00
- I also agree. SBs need to be re-balanced. ...2009.03.21 14:58:00
- This would probably hurt the miner more than the can flipper. I can just imagine some obnoxious idi ...2009.03.21 14:52:00
- This seems much more inline with the look and feel of EVE than the POS system that we have now. ...2009.03.21 11:53:00

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