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- Callean, the "my orders" page seems to have developed a bug, it's remembering all my old orders, rat ...2011.09.01 09:29:00
- Did you leave it running for a while? When i tried it before, it would start off okay, then start to ...2011.08.30 07:02:00
- lol, I derped and realised I hadn't updated to the newest uploader, so the last few days since you m ...2011.08.28 09:14:00
- Migrating the site to a bigger server soon(ish). Seems my development server cannot take the pressur ...2011.08.24 01:54:00
- EDIT: Ahrg, morons uploading false data to EVE Central are messing up my alghorithms now I've got a ...2011.08.18 01:52:00
- This bug seems to be with anything not t1. Tested it out looking for a few t2 ships, and t3's. ...2011.08.17 06:46:00
- Hasn't stopped you from uploading a ton of info though :) Do you leave two clients going almost cons ...2011.08.16 03:14:00
- bump ...2011.08.15 09:15:00
- I'm finding an interesting situation with the uploading client. If I'm running to eve clients dumpin ...2011.08.15 02:25:00
- any chance this is still for sale? ...2011.08.13 13:07:00
- bump for nice toon ...2011.08.12 11:14:00
- got my ticket. And hoping the number 3 gets rolled :) ...2011.08.12 09:52:00
- Less than 40 after I just bought my ticket :) ...2011.08.12 09:47:00
- Trying to search for prices on R.A.M.-_Weapon_Tech seems to be busted.For little bugs like this, do ...2011.08.11 12:10:00
- Eve's randomly down at the moment, so can't test the feedback form in the game browser, but trying t ...2011.08.10 01:09:00

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