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- Guild? Seriously? Do I need to point you towards WoW? Not really, no - ...2011.05.10 10:16:00
- It's still an ******* move to just take it down rather than having it hosted by someone who did care ...2011.04.12 21:57:00
- Any chance that we get an estimate on the total number of votes cast from "Hours for PLEX" accounts? ...2011.03.26 16:34:00
- the sky is falling, run for your lives No posts from high-sec people without an alliance, please. ...2011.02.05 10:10:00
- Edited by: LrdDrkHlmt on 06/01/2011 15:00:14 Goons, TEST, WI. meh, all MM/Razor Pets! And the funny ...2011.01.07 23:59:00
- People of Fountain! ...2011.01.07 23:54:00
- We never claimed to be good. ...2010.10.04 17:43:00
- Breaking news: -A- are terrible and always have been. They've just historically been lucky/good with ...2010.10.03 11:10:00
- I'll call it.This thread is now officially about the angry spirit of Tigers, Panthers and the mighty ...2010.08.25 18:11:00
- I'm sorry, this thread is only for people who are part of an alliance which holds space. I'm going t ...2010.07.24 22:48:00
- I like this thread. ...2010.07.24 21:36:00
- *tells the CSM that EVE is being ignored for the next two years* *acts shocked when the CSM report ...2010.07.17 18:57:00
- Chronotis, I must say, your post surprised the hell out of me. How exactly did you not see this comi ...2010.05.28 17:10:00
- As you all know I get a pretty good chuckle reading all the spin that each of you try and put on t ...2010.05.26 17:34:00
- I love this game, and thankfully don't have to put up with the bull known as "fleet fights". That sa ...2010.05.04 22:42:00

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