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- What is the max res EVE supports? I am getting a new computer soon and was wondering if eve will be ...2010.02.11 02:53:00
- Hmm... Well, I think I need to finish Jump Drive Calibration lvl 5, Gal Dread lvl 5 on one and mayb ...2010.01.30 16:32:00
- I recived the isk for Nym Shadowblade, I screwed up and transfered char before i recieved the isk. ...2009.05.17 16:21:00
- Would you pay for scope standings? Its galantte... ...2008.10.29 06:13:00
- Hey, who are you missioning for? I play during that time. Convo me in game. I can fly whatever. I ...2008.10.29 06:05:00
- I don't know what all the hype is about. I can afk lvl 4's in a T2 fitted drake. Does it take skil ...2008.10.29 01:01:00
- I personally liked the vid… Nice work. Sorry we stopped your abaddon vid quickly but at least you ...2008.07.08 02:33:00

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