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- Do you need something custom built or do you want an existing platform?I take it you also need hosti ...2008.07.16 13:04:00
- Looking for a decent price on a set of implants to all attributes. Either +3 or +4 is fine. If you d ...2008.07.14 20:05:00
- 4x large shieldbooster is like umping from a airplane without a shute.Get some hardening going and a ...2007.06.23 01:29:00
- Pretty decent movie but the worst you made so far imo. Alot of ganks in it (even more then normal) a ...2007.06.04 10:26:00
- I'm looking for about 5k of those charters @ 10k p/u ...2007.03.29 17:01:00
- Class !omfg, that guy ganked me when i was like a week old.The stuff in that freighter that 0utbreak ...2007.03.03 23:44:00
- why use forum auction if you accept ingame bids when there is a ingame auction function?700 to start ...2007.03.03 11:05:00
- I'm looking to kit out my archon with some pimpage.I was thinking about: Core x-type/corpus a-type ...2007.02.26 21:44:00
- good seller, trustworthy and all and fast :) ...2006.06.23 10:58:00
- jove's use dentist drills as their main weapons. the high pitched sound it makes shrieks fear in ev ...2005.02.12 20:45:00
- followup question, yours is answered so i hope im not hijacking your thread: what happens when you ...2005.02.10 09:11:00
- i believe a crow would pull 200km/s with 1 of the gimped gistii type-a MWD's where they would have a ...2005.02.09 16:28:00
- Setting up a POS in a 0.0 system will claim the system for your alliance and show it on the map. Thi ...2005.02.08 06:38:00
- Edited by: Cindy Goodwill on 08/02/2005 05:48:14 double, sorry :X ...2005.02.08 05:48:00
- we need an urgent fix for thissigned ...2005.02.08 05:48:00

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