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- Edited by: NickyYo on 15/08/2011 11:17:42Eve interlect is seriously at an all time low!*snickers* so ...2011.08.15 15:06:00
- Oh AWESOME! I just found an Orca with no pilot! Woo Hoo! Massive shˇtstorm incomingseen a few fr ...2011.08.10 01:22:00
- read this :) ...2011.07.30 20:29:00
- Not to be a smartass, but if you cant afford the book how will you afford the rorqual itself? ...2011.07.22 18:24:00
- no balls where touching.. so it is ok. dont worry ...2011.06.28 23:49:00
- yes ...2011.06.27 01:24:00
- ahh yes it was in deed a corp in an alliance. so that cleared out one part of the problem. still me ...2011.06.09 13:26:00
- Hi, i got a question for you leet pvpers :)I am trying to look up a corporation to see if they are i ...2011.06.09 00:07:00
- ...2011.05.19 17:49:00
- I think missiles are boring and that the Raven hull is ugly, so I narrowed it down to what would be ...2011.05.18 19:13:00
- Edited by: CCP Soundwave on 16/05/2011 19:55:25 Will the agent quality change be affecting R&D agen ...2011.05.17 13:02:00
- eh.. i dont get it.. im not very good with the us credit system but why do you get higher rating for ...2011.04.28 18:09:00
- Tom Gerard never amuse me.*fixed* ...2011.04.16 15:44:00
- Any module that needs cap wont keep running (they finish the current cycle but when next starts ther ...2011.04.07 01:13:00
- EM against sansha/amarr and some drones. otherwise kinetic. always in my humble oppinion ...2011.03.30 17:48:00

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