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- /disagree.While real pirates do not dishonor ransom, there have been wannabe pirates dishonoring t ...2011.07.12 17:20:00
- You should make your own Youtube video"I wasn't there" ...2011.07.12 17:12:00
- +1 Internets to OPThis thread delivers.Thank you for communicating your tale of woe. Also thank you ...2011.07.12 16:45:00
- speaking of the Umbrella Corporation, I haven't seen Milla Jovo***** around in a while ...2011.07.12 15:51:00
- insurance is a scam anyway ...2011.06.02 07:07:00
- I like the part where he offered proof.but wait a second, I thought Lana was Zed's alt, along with M ...2011.06.02 07:00:00
- I thought you dudes had standards. Whatever gave you that impression?also FYPIs this why VP got mad ...2011.04.14 15:19:00
- Came in here looking for 'the best tears' Left disappointed ...2011.03.10 15:46:00
- Just point them to your reputation thread and then if they want the 50m they'll let you go.Posting i ...2011.02.14 18:39:00
- I took advantage of courier contracts for the first time a few days ago.I was gonna make about 120M ...2011.02.11 22:58:00
- also, have the 'Fast Talk' skill trained ...2011.02.11 17:50:00
- You are not Robin Hood, you are more like King John whom Robin Hood fought. You steal for your own ...2011.02.11 17:44:00
- /rant startHigh-sec is safer, not safe. Should have seen it coming, stupid me./rant endThere, I need ...2011.02.11 17:30:00
- The SPACE POLICE are pretty chill, had a war with them 2 years ago and they were pretty good (helped ...2011.02.11 00:19:00
- Edited by: kiki mo on 31/01/2011 05:05:41 Hi Patrick,I'm going to refer a couple of players that ca ...2011.01.31 05:05:00

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