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- Yeah I know this is a troll thread ...But allowing bubbles in high sec would be hilarious. Woulden't ...2011.08.03 20:37:00
- Oops sorry did the ass-u-me thing. CCP plans on moving all the Ice mining to Nullsec. Has been men ...2011.08.03 20:33:00
- That is only the result of the fix made to the insurance payouts.If you pump currency into the syste ...2011.07.25 17:17:00
- IIm not stupidI beg to differ. You don't even know what inflation is.Years ago a Dominix cost on ave ...2011.07.25 14:55:00
- You don't have to gimp the ship for the minute amount of DPS that 425's will give you over 350s. Her ...2011.07.18 18:08:00
- OP arguement seems reasonable since there is no good reason for the removal of faction tower BPCs. ...2011.06.10 12:49:00
- They work in group with their alts. The most popular combination is scimitar and tengu.So probe down ...2011.06.03 20:07:00
- The mach is without a doubt more fun to fly. But the varg can sport a high tank on demand and it h ...2011.05.26 15:53:00
- Found this on reddit: LinkageI went through the same crap when I wanted to apply my SP.CCP do some ...2011.05.25 13:33:00
- Hate to hijack this thread, but do any Rorqual pilots have any other useful information about these ...2011.05.18 14:19:00
- I found this : Celeron 2.4GHz + montherboard and 1gig od DDR ram that what you need? ...2011.05.13 18:55:00
- Nuke em from orbit!Just, awesome. ...2011.05.13 16:14:00
- test ...2011.05.06 21:22:00
- 235m or make offer here or in game. ...2011.05.05 14:39:00
- Yeah I support this issue. I would say when you pay the Character transfer fee, for an extra $10 you ...2011.05.02 14:27:00

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