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- 5x 250mm railgun II's, tractor beam 4x CRII, 1x AB II LAR IIx2, hardnerx4, CPR1x nano pump 2x CCR ...2008.01.01 21:44:00
- Edited by: Lorette on 21/12/2007 01:06:36 Well ive got a navy mega and normal domi, id run missions ...2007.12.21 01:05:00
- Edited by: Lorette on 20/11/2007 03:39:12 Only thing im not to happy about is that as stated in the ...2007.11.20 03:36:00
- Wah river of tears detected, when i quit i just put on some 30day+ skills and used my spare cash to ...2007.11.09 22:37:00
- A -20 in low sec (0.1 iah) would be better than +20 in about 0.7 ish. Ive always found the 'agent' q ...2007.11.02 12:04:00
- Drones give the most benefit for the least ammount of work/training. Guns require A) good fitting an ...2007.11.02 11:59:00
- Simply put this isnt the game for you, im pretty much the same. Everyone loves sandbox games, but un ...2007.10.30 22:42:00
- Ill take it for this character ...2007.10.27 01:24:00
- ill take it ...2007.10.26 06:12:00
- Ive run so many missions ive lost count, and im still only 8.0 gall standing, by the time you reach ...2007.08.05 05:05:00
- One L4 mission from the corp i run missions from will get you an alpha nexus chip with about 1-2k lp ...2007.08.05 05:01:00
- I use 4 cap rechargers, 1 cap power relay and 2x CCC. Can run dual reps pretty much forever + AB + g ...2007.08.03 01:05:00
- Your playing a pvp game, your not safe anywhere. And if some 1 day old or even 13 day old players ma ...2007.07.29 02:16:00
- If your going for money-for-timecards, id recommend the domi. Unless ofcouse you have the funds to s ...2007.07.29 01:59:00
- Corp i run for has all the nexus chips and the 'real' navy ships, no BPO's sadly ...2007.07.29 01:52:00

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