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- The problem is currently you do not know, how much you will earn from any P4 product, because there ...2010.06.15 08:56:00
- Edited by: Ki Shodan on 11/06/2010 13:45:15 In High Sec you can link at least 3 Extactors thru one ...2010.06.11 13:40:00
- PI Planet & Product Matrix Excellent! ...2010.06.01 13:59:00
- Output from PI Materials is low, IMO. So once the stock from the POS-Grabbers is gone, there will b ...2010.06.01 09:33:00
- You do not survey them by simply looking at them ... It is just to help you to decide, which planet ...2010.05.28 14:10:00
- The P4 products are for POS-tower construction and other POS-Structures. Longterm goal of CCP is to ...2010.05.28 12:55:00
- CC are not on the market yet. They will be seeded in a week or two. ...2010.05.28 10:10:00
- I wonder if there is a patch coming. The market seems to behave silly latley! ...2010.05.25 09:49:00
- It is usually not farmed 23/7, since you need to complete the Museums Mission Chain to gain access. ...2010.05.25 09:42:00
- ... Keep in mind some of the acceleration gates in labyrinth don't accept BS sized ships. ...Google ...2010.05.19 12:59:00
- So, if I've got a cruiser w/ 59/92/88/79 resists I should be able to withstand the room's full aggro ...2010.05.19 12:39:00
- Just wondering, where did you get that detailed info? A t2 cruiser should do, but there is no way a ...2010.05.19 11:55:00
- Edited by: Ki Shodan on 18/05/2010 14:32:12 Edited by: Ki Shodan on 18/05/2010 13:49:00 The Labyri ...2010.05.18 13:48:00
- That's why I would like to see some good punisher LASER fits.There are none. Use Autocannons or ano ...2010.04.23 14:36:00
- Have you operated Domi to solo a mission? I havnt,but that is my dream.because I like the way of bat ...2010.04.08 09:59:00

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