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- last battle between nulli and burn edenWe baited out there sniper battleship squad then tackled and ...2011.05.13 17:59:00
- ill be there, in my cheetah of doom....... ...2011.04.20 04:39:00
- You guys might want to raise the price a bit to make up for the heavy losses you are incurring ...2011.04.19 20:39:00
- we were in the cap rotation spot cap rotation is on grid with the station, its part of the stations ...2011.04.10 20:56:00
- Edited by: zealot shakree on 10/04/2011 20:54:36First of all, i wasent there for the badger kill so ...2011.04.10 20:49:00
- Crazza, Starcommander, Viralius, Zikru, and Unavy, killed my badger unprovoked and then camped me in ...2011.04.10 00:59:00
- some of these posts are complete trolls. If you agree with this are you deluded? I think someone lig ...2011.03.26 22:09:00
- Edited by: Sem Nan on 26/03/2011 20:57:33 So unless you pay rent or become a pet, once a small alli ...2011.03.26 21:24:00
- Just another dumb NC goon whining about his anomalies being taken away, Don't listen to the basele ...2011.03.26 21:07:00
- This is so fail. I think you got nullsec confused with highsec. Highsec is "safe" yet you can make a ...2011.03.26 16:52:00
- Hey everyone,It'd be pretty difficult not to notice the fairly strong negative reaction this blog's ...2011.03.26 16:12:00
- This is what I always wanted!!!!! MORE THINGS TO SHOOT \o/!!!!! ...2011.02.02 16:05:00
- Yeah this needs to be fixed, it obviously is one of the many glitches that were introduced with the ...2011.01.21 17:36:00
- Edited by: SaB0TaG3 on 21/01/2011 01:01:03 Plz fix, this is ruining gate-based or any large scale P ...2011.01.21 04:55:00
- when you pre-activate your warp scrambling modules in warp for example and target a ship the scrambl ...2011.01.20 19:45:00

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