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- The correct answer to this particular question is to fit 1400mm artillery, warp in at 100km and snip ...2011.09.04 13:13:00
- Expanded Cargohold II Expanded Cargohold IISurvey Scanner II Medium Shield Booster II Invulnera ...2011.09.03 09:27:00
- Just get a Maelstrom.It's almost as hard hitting as a marauder, does not take months to train for an ...2011.09.03 09:23:00
- 0 ...2011.09.03 09:19:00
- Maelstrom is better than Tengu and far far cheaper too.If you want to upgrade, go for a Vargur or Ma ...2011.08.31 22:08:00
- TL:DRRADAR exploration sites. ...2011.08.31 22:02:00
- dual prop Jag with Medium shield extender is a lovely ship. ...2011.08.22 18:38:00
- Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Tracking Enhancer II Tracking Enhancer I ...2011.08.20 12:09:00
- CCP have decided that $1,000 jeans are far more important than NEW SHIPS./thread ...2011.08.14 12:46:00
- If cargo is under 3,000m3, a blockade runenr is the order of the day. If it is upto 40,000m3, then ...2011.08.12 18:01:00
- The simple was is to right click your shield booster and select "set auto repeat off".This means tha ...2011.07.30 11:31:00
- This is INTERNET SPACESHIPS.I do not give a flying feck what my character is wearing. ...2011.07.30 11:24:00
- Ammo, drones and modules will all give a 10-run T2 BPC without decryptors if you use a MAX run T1 BP ...2011.07.29 19:11:00
- Carry some EMP L ammo in your hold, change to that for the Sansha and let your DPS be your tank ...2011.07.24 10:29:00
- If transporting upto 40,000m3, then put your goods in the corp hangar of an Orca.This renders your g ...2011.07.17 09:44:00

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