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- and only with the almighty I win button ...2010.11.20 09:09:00
- Why can't it be both? Last I checked he didn't keep all of his mods on his ship. which ment his wrek ...2010.11.10 21:21:00
- I believe you have to take it down and put it up in the other corporation. ...2010.05.30 14:37:00
- Sorry for adding another thread just for this. But i was wondering if someone could point me to deta ...2010.05.27 02:30:00
- Much respect to the NC for bringing the fight to H-W but don't think that this will stop us as we ...2010.05.14 00:07:00
- if you buy 15 freighters for the price of 5 supercaps you getting ripped off sonClearly it must have ...2010.05.13 13:30:00
- this just in, disconnected people don't know they're being attacked, yoSo what you're saying is SC ...2010.05.10 02:12:00
- Edited by: drall on 09/04/2010 00:36:23 ...2010.04.08 21:16:00
- revised, any more thoughts? ...2010.04.08 00:55:00
- while i agree with you. The issue is. Is you have no way of knowing outside them telling you their f ...2010.04.07 19:41:00
- yeah, I was about to add for fleet members only. When you have a fleet of several hundred using such ...2010.04.07 19:32:00
- Edited by: drall on 08/04/2010 00:45:01 I'll make this very short and simple.Original idea had some ...2010.04.07 19:13:00
- ?? really?? According to reports 3 battles were fought today in the span of several hours. I do bel ...2010.04.03 23:57:00
- congrats on killing a SC NC.Just wondering something, What else did you achieve yesterday. The reaso ...2010.04.02 19:02:00
- wow so much chest beating when last I read the real war hasn't startedI'll remind you that you said ...2010.04.01 05:11:00

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