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- ...Hm, it is summer vacation in the States right now, isn't it. (I'm still stationed in Germany for ...2011.07.05 13:48:00
- Sup.Just wondering why there's more whining and crying and malarkey on the forums than usual....I me ...2011.07.05 13:41:00
- but sitting in the Shura-Snake, laying waste to dozens of warships and killing tens of thousands of ...2011.04.19 08:58:00
- WB and may you enjoy finding sand in everything for weeks to come.He's not kidding. ...2011.04.17 18:00:00
- While I'm here, another quick question.So I discovered that the EVE jukebox music is actually saved ...2011.04.17 17:57:00
- EVE has sound? ...2011.04.17 17:06:00
- Hope everyone's doing well.I know I am, I'm not in Afghanistan anymore. Anyway. As myself and my fri ...2011.04.17 17:04:00
- -huggles Xercodo anyway- ...2011.03.27 23:01:00
- first and foremost, I have all of THREE DAYS left in Afghanistan. /tearsofjoyAnyway. This be ...2011.03.27 22:53:00
- You are SO not helping...I'll bet every other EVE freak in your unit is enjoying themselves too....M ...2010.12.24 10:32:00
- I hate you. So much.A shame we can't delete our own posts, it is... ...2010.12.24 10:20:00
- "Humor me here, since the obvious answers are that the game removes them like, say, bodies and corps ...2010.12.24 10:07:00
- I.E. You fire a spread of cruises at a target, you fire another spread, the first volley destroys th ...2010.12.24 10:04:00
- EVE is dying since it was born. Like everyone of us.WHAT?!An extremely morbid outlook on life, seei ...2010.12.24 09:55:00
- IB4L. ...2010.12.24 09:52:00

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