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- Edited by: Potrero on 09/07/2011 03:28:26 CONCEPT Introduce a new mechanic which allows players to ...2011.07.09 03:28:00
- Welcome to Eve, enjoy your stay 'The long haul' doesn't even begin to cut it; you'll never have enou ...2011.07.03 19:16:00
- But seriously, the character editor needs a facepalm pose. :(This has got to be the best Incarna-rel ...2011.07.02 23:17:00
- I'll be much more interested once they expand the online WoD to include Hunter: The Vigil.I thought ...2011.07.02 18:22:00
- anyone have any suggestions for space sci-fi books to read? - George RR Martin "Tuf Voyaging" Run, d ...2011.02.01 02:48:00
- Ready to turn this into a "Coolest Anime Character" thread. - GitS: SAC = The Tachikoma - Cowboy ...2011.02.01 02:20:00
- GitS: stand alone complexConfirming that GitS: SAC is well worth the price of admission.On to Cowboy ...2011.01.31 05:05:00
- Let me put in a plug for Darker than Black for those who haven't seen it. About 25 episodes with a c ...2011.01.28 00:15:00
- GitS: stand alone complexGitS: stand alone complexGitS: stand alone complex. Rounding it out with ...2011.01.27 22:31:00
- Got a little free time and discovered a few Anime series on Netflix. Was surprised to find out that ...2011.01.27 07:53:00
- We'll soon have space stations, clothes, drinking, and ground combat on individual planets. The plan ...2011.01.26 21:31:00
- I joined this game a little over four years ago. Many things attracted me to it. But the key draw wa ...2011.01.26 19:54:00
- unggggHard to imagine this chick piloting a command ship. ...2011.01.20 06:18:00
- an RTS where some units do what they want instead of what you want them to do?Imagine you're playing ...2011.01.16 01:07:00
- Has anyone seen any examples of a game that allows some players to run around on the ground FPS styl ...2011.01.15 23:54:00

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