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- Might as well park your hulk.. it's year round. ...2011.08.20 09:43:00
- Edited by: Trig Onami on 20/08/2011 09:40:27 @OP Best way to make isk off mining is : don't ask, b ...2011.08.20 09:40:00
- GM Cydonnia, CCP Games,I couldn't be more grateful for your recent actions(won't go into detail here ...2011.08.11 15:56:00
- The reason they took it away is because if you looked closely:Windows had this "shine" to them. Whe ...2011.08.06 00:01:00
- Changing the title to "Day XX" everyday won't garner you a quicker response. Your tactics show impa ...2011.08.05 23:51:00
- Depends how much you love playing your Main. You could use your alt as a trader, PI, Salvager, Tr ...2011.08.05 23:46:00
- Being very observant, I notice all the little things that are actually fixed. The shinies are shi ...2011.08.05 23:21:00
- Welcome back.. just ignore the forums altogether. The game is far more interesting, trust me. ...2011.08.05 22:56:00
- Edited by: Trig Onami on 05/08/2011 22:53:41 I don't think OP is CCP alt or Troll.I think the peopl ...2011.08.05 22:52:00
- You guys coming to the Halloween party? ...2011.08.05 22:42:00
- Rated E for Eleventeen. ...2011.08.05 22:28:00
- I see you're having more fun crying on the forums, then playing a game that had to have been fun bac ...2011.08.05 22:16:00
- Edited by: Valei Khurelem on 05/08/2011 21:28:54 He's back. He and I are doing some work on Contrab ...2011.08.05 21:46:00
- Kijo Rikki"Oh my god, check out that chick going up the escalator..." ...2011.08.05 21:06:00
- Just bought a PLEX with real life monies. In your face, *****es. ...2011.08.03 16:46:00

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