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- Always wondered why you ship slowed down once you turned off the thrust? Here's a possible explanati ...2004.10.21 00:20:00
- So, after reading this and other SP2 threads, it seems the lesson is this. Don't install SP2 if you' ...2004.10.02 05:26:00
- There is no compatibility issue with SP2 and EVE. If you're experienceing issues, you might want to ...2004.10.02 05:16:00
- I'm running a GeForce 4 Ti4200, with the latest Nvidia drivers from the website, and everything work ...2004.09.21 07:33:00
- Greetings,If you were an EnB player and you're new to EVE, and you want to join a relatively small c ...2004.09.03 00:53:00
- The "Hot Characters" on the website on the right hand side. What exactly is that all about? ...2004.08.24 17:50:00
- I've been pondering this a bit. Dark Rifter, what model of router do you use? This may be a model sp ...2004.08.06 07:19:00
- Alt-tabbing is a known issue, has been for months. I find it difficult to beleive that you've made i ...2004.08.03 20:35:00
- You can always try saturating your connection with other types of traffic and see if they start fail ...2004.08.01 17:50:00
- "Windows detects no connection" - this isn't an eve issue at all. This is a problem with your config ...2004.07.31 23:17:00
- Edited by: Codetrap on 29/07/2004 00:45:16 Ok. If you want tech support. Go into dxdiag, save a cop ...2004.07.29 00:43:00
- Edited by: Codetrap on 28/07/2004 04:31:17 Don't take this personally, as I have no clue about your ...2004.07.28 04:24:00
- This is the FREAKING problem. I PAY FOR THIS GAME. I SHOULD NOT EXPECT LAG. I should expect a stab ...2004.07.27 21:24:00
- Driver: C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvcodins.dll, 1.00.0000.0009 (English), 11/17/2003 10:33:00, 30720 by ...2004.07.27 16:41:00
- DirectPlay8 Modem Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (5.03.0000.0900) DirectPlay8 Ser ...2004.07.27 16:41:00

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