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- so the entire NC (20k? 30k player? ), manage to match " the size " of the supercapital field of an ...2010.09.27 13:28:00
- What?Blaster Worm is Aneu?!?!? ...2010.09.13 20:43:00
- This is a ****ing outrage CCP you have a record of destroying ghost ships no matter how and where ...2010.07.04 07:39:00
- It's becoming pretty clear CCP won't do ****. The ships jumped out. The first bug is that they respa ...2010.06.29 20:43:00
- Honestly Robert Ger, you can't have been there because your view of reality is so far away from anyt ...2010.06.26 19:30:00
- Oh cool. So does this mean I can petition CCP to offline NC cyno jammers for me?Sure, you can petit ...2010.06.21 07:18:00
- Hardly, I just don't argue with alts. You just have to visit SHC to see it confirmed by several peop ...2010.06.20 20:23:00
- If that was the case then GM Grimmi's post was incorrect. He clearly states the ships had died. Wh ...2010.06.20 19:29:00
- If CCP allows the ghost ships to remain (keep in mind it was not just NC that boarded the ghost ship ...2010.06.20 18:20:00
- What about our pov? Better yet, how about CCP point of view.He was expressing it exactly from your ...2010.06.19 13:59:00
- Edited by: Fred0 on 19/06/2010 13:22:07I don't really give a crap if they get the titans back or not ...2010.06.19 13:12:00
- Fred0 like i sed in other treads, Dianaste spoke very positively about you, but from all this, I can ...2010.06.19 10:17:00
- Well when we have 20 pages of explanations and real rational reasons on how this happened. How can s ...2010.06.19 10:12:00
- One of the resulting problems was the revival of ships that had been killed during the fight, includ ...2010.06.19 06:04:00
- Edited by: Fred0 on 18/06/2010 16:24:02 Another black mark on NC tbh,.. lol dude, you have to be t ...2010.06.18 16:22:00

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