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- Sorry for your loss mate. But lets be honest... The fact that CCPs customer support is worse then a ...2010.05.19 15:25:00
- IMO the only good reason to require a CC for char transfer is so you actually have a real life name ...2010.04.14 14:28:00
- IRabblerabblerabbleEarth to Melor, Earth calling Melor rend.We've altered our plan addressing variou ...2010.04.14 10:09:00
- IMO this change is ******ed and shows that the devs haven't been playing EVE in 0.0 since Dominion h ...2010.04.14 09:38:00
- I had a similar problem yesterday, my alt didn't have enough isk to setup a public contract on a roo ...2010.04.14 08:06:00
- Edited by: Melor Rend on 07/04/2010 14:54:00 Torps (and missiles in general) hitting all targets (n ...2010.04.07 14:52:00
- Welcome to EVE. Don't forget: this is not WOW and everything goes so a) never fly anything you can't ...2010.04.07 14:47:00
- Edited by: Melor Rend on 07/04/2010 14:41:15 Strong opinons on gameplay and balancing issues .... ...2010.04.07 14:40:00
- Postulate: if I find a gold vein in my garden and "mine" it then the value of these minerals is zero ...2010.04.01 12:39:00
- This kind of service is against the EULA afaik. You're only allowed to trade ISK for TS servers or w ...2010.04.01 12:21:00
- I agree, good idea. But please PLEASE don't use that terrible narrator like in the Butterfly video. ...2010.04.01 12:12:00
- Fight the power and dont give in! Alts are the devils work and anyone who uses them is a filthy nub! ...2010.04.01 12:07:00
- This sounds like a great idea and could be great fun. However I do see some serious issues when it c ...2010.03.31 14:19:00
- Edited by: Melor Rend on 31/03/2010 13:45:22 Otherwise, for the casual player there really isn't an ...2010.03.31 13:45:00
- Or perhaps trying out pvp as a noob is the best time to try it. That way you dont get infected by th ...2010.03.31 11:26:00

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