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- Hello, I just bought Schumacher's F1 car but for some reason I can't get the same laptimes as he doe ...2008.01.24 08:02:00
- Brutix is a fantastic battlecruiser (one of the few tier 1 battlecruisers that isn't wholly outclass ...2008.01.22 18:44:00
- Cerb and Eagle do not have a drone bay because they are supposed to be sniper cruisers. With good sk ...2008.01.18 18:38:00
- Edited by: Captain Schmungles on 18/01/2008 05:55:57 100% is not an attainable resistance, as resis ...2008.01.18 05:53:00
- Part of flying Minmatar is accepting that you really don't tank, unless you're flying a command ship ...2008.01.18 05:45:00
- Yes, they are points along a straight line between you and the objective provided that the mission d ...2008.01.18 05:32:00
- Cross-train Minmatar. Here's why:1. Pretty much every Minmatar ship can be made into a viable pvp sh ...2008.01.17 18:16:00
- No, you're missing the point. The thing that people complain about, is that in order to 'deal' wit ...2008.01.17 18:02:00
- The Hawk is so depressing. You're honestly better off flying a Kestrel, because once you've trained ...2008.01.17 17:49:00
- Heavy neuts are generally a good strategy, but honestly any kind of nos/neut is better than none. If ...2008.01.16 07:00:00
- I'd say go with amarr caps. The Revelation is really good for taking out pos's, and amarr caps tend ...2008.01.16 06:57:00
- 1. You're right about defenders. Don't use them unless you're running an anti-missile barge, and hon ...2008.01.16 06:54:00
- Speed tanking is also possible, but I would often preffer the Stabber in that role. Why? All you ...2008.01.16 06:48:00
- Phased plasma. Does thermal/kinetic damage, and either one is useful against all rats except Blood R ...2008.01.16 06:41:00
- HeyIve been thinking, and im confused tbh, which would be better for a torp raven for pvp...a web or ...2008.01.08 18:14:00

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