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- ...while igroring its effects...Now you're just trolling. If you don't think this is a good idea, fi ...2011.08.30 13:19:00
- A new cyno module which works in highsec and is only jumpable to by jump freighters and blackopsUnst ...2011.08.20 15:42:00
- I appoint you as a proud member of the cheese sandwitch legion.Do you really think you can beat ME ...2011.01.27 12:22:00
- Say hi to my girlfriend. ...2011.01.21 20:49:00
- Funesta u got a distinct look, too bad you look a little too Botox but that's CCP's fault :P ...2011.01.21 20:16:00
- Jon 7/10 Not sure if you're trying to sell me a used raven, or if you want my wallet.8/10, a male f ...2011.01.21 20:09:00
- WTF? Being able to train beyond the 24 hour QUEUE? HERETIC! gotta love bumpbashing yourself. ...2011.01.20 15:54:00
- Hey there, how you doing, check out my awesome cyno alt. ...2011.01.20 14:38:00
- I like the colors and stuff, but the nose seems made by a plastic surgeon. 6.5/10I don't like the h ...2011.01.20 11:58:00
- Nice.I'm still bummed out that my best work is my cyno alt.Oh well, I'll have another go when we can ...2011.01.20 11:26:00
- Plastic Doll Reporting. ...2011.01.19 15:53:00
- <- My best work, try 5 out of 6... ...2011.01.19 15:17:00
- I approve of this thread. *smirk* ...2011.01.19 15:15:00
- Edited by: Millard Wilson on 19/01/2011 15:06:42 Interesting Dreamy Look ! Not a big fan of the hai ...2011.01.19 15:08:00
- <Thlarr> It's hard enough to see with this hood on. They didn't have to turn off the damn lights. ...2011.01.19 15:04:00

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