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- But, in my opinion, they're also the single biggest reason pvp is in the state that it is.This just ...2011.08.28 20:15:00
- - remove Aurum and use the NEX store as an ISK sink ...2011.08.26 10:21:00
- 1. You can light a cyno in w-space 2. The systems in w-space are often close together you can get t ...2011.08.24 14:52:00
- Gentoo amd64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz 2GB RAM GeForce GTX 260Old machine, upgraded t ...2011.08.23 21:39:00
- whining on the forums about this will change nothing. Raising your voice against racism and sexism e ...2011.08.23 15:49:00
- In a civilized society, are laws and rules made for citizens or criminals? Wait, the physics behi ...2011.08.18 22:35:00
- Question: If someone is AFK cloaked, and there is no local to warn you of them, are they still there ...2011.08.18 22:24:00
- Kind of hard since Eve skills are one of a kind. But in other MMOs you can make different classes, ...2011.08.14 00:09:00
- If what you say is true then surely it's no big deal if ABC gets removed. After all it's a side oc ...2011.08.11 15:16:00
- // Hello1.cs public class Hello1 { public static void Main() { System.Console.Write ...2011.07.21 23:27:00
- ruby checking inand while you may laugh now cause i'm not using your favorite pain-in-the-as.s langu ...2011.07.20 00:16:00
- Are you suggesting C1's are equally as difficult to operate in as a C6? Are you suggesting high-l ...2011.07.19 23:16:00
- ...2011.07.19 00:04:00
- Wouldn't it break immersion though?Shutting down a warp drive shouldn't affect docking or jumping th ...2011.07.18 23:56:00
- Noob wormholes are the ones you can solo easily, namely C1 to C3. It's not a fixed term, its what ...2011.07.18 23:35:00

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