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- My head hurts all these B U M P S ...2009.12.15 17:29:00
- he is a nice guy... you will enjoy flying with him ...2009.12.15 12:07:00
- come and have some fun.... ...2009.12.14 22:04:00
- good to see edf is still fighting strong..... ...2009.09.10 07:52:00
- edf are still alive and kicking some nice buts ...2009.06.21 21:40:00
- so guys are you enjoying killing these nasty new race of creatures... they remind me of the shadows ...2009.03.18 15:41:00
- howdy try out eve defence force drop in for a drink in theedfbar ...2009.03.18 15:39:00
- well do you love to kill things do you enjoy being in a like minded group well edf is for you ...2009.03.08 10:08:00
- it is good to be making loads of isk again in mining, we operate rorquals so do not need to work out ...2009.03.08 10:06:00
- call round for a drink at theedfbaropen 23hours a dayedf try us out ...2008.10.01 14:23:00
- well if you fancy a lot of pvp and enjoy a good laugh drop into theedfbar and have a drink on me ...2008.10.01 07:21:00
- well i know you love killing so why not try edf out and come kill with us loads of targets, but be a ...2008.09.30 20:13:00
- we operate out of fountain you should drop in for a drinktheedfbarjonedf try us out ...2008.09.30 20:09:00
- o come on we also drink. well i do edf try us out ...2008.09.30 20:06:00
- pvp well that is wht edf is for loads of targets established corp now what else could you need (fou ...2008.09.30 19:48:00

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