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- Depends what you're fighting.Against Sansha I prefer the armor domi because of the better EM/Thermal ...2011.09.03 01:12:00
- Nobody should be safe anywhere in this game. That is the basic premise; it is a harsh universe, you ...2011.08.25 09:03:00
- Edited by: Sjugar on 25/08/2011 08:24:19 I have a bit of trouble with the notion of home.The reason ...2011.08.25 08:24:00
- I don't know but I haven't seen much Drone Russian botting.Having a wormhole with a static 0.0 and a ...2011.08.24 19:08:00
- I understand that people have to rationalize choices. But I haven't got the option to work more or w ...2011.08.23 21:44:00
- Before I answer the question, I have one of my own:How long is 'played all day?'Is that 4 hours? 8? ...2011.08.23 19:29:00
- Ok, so I played a bit yesterday and managed to sc**** together the 700-800 million that it costs to ...2011.08.23 19:22:00
- Do you play WoW? It uses more resources than EvE. Just putting that out there.Yes and while it use m ...2011.08.23 00:21:00
- The CQ has nothing to do with what Eve gameplay is about. It is something else. It's a totally diffe ...2011.08.22 23:54:00
- Why would you want to take a fine ship like a prorator and fit it for death? ...2011.08.22 22:50:00
- UMAD BRO? ...2011.08.22 20:42:00
- Deep undercutting.If someone does that to your orders he's not really crashing the market he's just ...2011.08.22 12:19:00
- Hostile Alert System: We either logoff, dock, warp to a safe spot, etc. End result, there is no long ...2011.08.20 19:02:00
- Edited by: Sjugar on 19/08/2011 23:12:08 Just a fancy data collector: ...2011.08.19 23:11:00
- While it was good between my previous post and now it's now **** again. ...2011.08.19 16:32:00

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