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- I don't have any fits atm, but the Arbitrator can do shield tank decently for an Amarr cruiser.Howev ...2011.02.01 22:29:00
- I would only support this if fuel was free and unlimited in supplies. ...2011.02.01 22:20:00
- Edited by: Corina Jarr on 01/02/2011 22:17:14 Let me assure you that CCP is very much awara of this ...2011.02.01 22:17:00
- This is not true...If in high sec, Concord will do there thing (and with so much Concord spawning... ...2011.02.01 01:11:00
- Go with pods. Sansha can't even shoot them.Seriously though, shield tanks tend to be an issue becau ...2011.01.29 19:52:00
- You do no that you can set the chat window to not show portraits, right? ...2011.01.29 18:16:00
- I'm sorry, but I like Ice Mining. It gives me something to do while doing homework (tossing the Ice ...2011.01.29 18:08:00
- I like this. It means that leaving things unchecked could become a major problem for the risk avers ...2011.01.29 17:32:00
- Not better for the people making the trap. ...2011.01.29 17:24:00
- How can you have torps and not know this?Anyway, assuming this isn't a troll post: All missile dama ...2011.01.27 23:54:00
- My personal opinion is that Concord should be in the system, just not in the Incursion grid. ...2011.01.27 23:38:00
- ok im darth sanskrit and rgc godfather lol apparently i havent made myself clear enough. A fleet of ...2011.01.27 23:32:00
- I know for a fact that CCP is not ignoring bots. At least two bots players have been removed after ...2011.01.27 23:22:00
- I'm stuck on this. As a salvager, I would love this. But there are many ways it can be abused... ...2011.01.27 23:16:00
- Pretend you are going up against a PvP gang, you will need the same fittings and tactics minus the w ...2011.01.25 22:03:00

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