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- Edited by: Ice Pirateer on 09/09/2011 06:28:56 ...2011.09.08 21:12:00
- Lets start a PETITION to prevent CCP from implementing Aurum as a currency. Clothing is fun, but it ...2011.05.28 01:21:00
- Edited by: Jaik7 on 23/02/2011 01:08:22 this would usher in the long overdue era of the kamikazi.Th ...2011.03.04 18:16:00
- I am in the market for a guardian vexor.If anyone out there currently owns one, please let me know i ...2010.11.23 07:22:00
- know these are going to be seeded normally at some point, right? They talked about why the s ...2010.11.08 16:55:00
- I won 10 billion in this lottery one time. Awesome lottery... ...2010.11.05 22:01:00
- If they are releasing a Sansha fighter-bomber with this thing don't you think they meant to say supe ...2010.09.21 22:07:00
- /signed ...2010.08.26 17:26:00
- "My other pod racer is literally just a pod." ...2009.12.19 04:11:00
- I think the sec status thing is fine right now... if they salvage your wrecks there's little you can ...2009.09.26 17:57:00
- I think a drone repair bay module on the mids would be a cool idea. I also like the idea of fitting ...2009.09.26 17:50:00
- I for one think this is a natural evolution of ambultion development. I wouldn't be supprised in tim ...2009.08.22 18:36:00

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