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- well, thats amazing... recently started using termodynamics, and its just great, burned my weapons ...2010.10.25 18:20:00
- Edited by: Lucian Thetis on 24/10/2010 20:26:04 simply, how does nanite repair modules work, and na ...2010.10.24 20:21:00
- again, any people wanting a partner, let me know. PM in game. ...2010.10.22 00:48:00
- hey, if you guys are looking for a pilot for a team, drop me a line, turns out my corp mates think i ...2010.10.19 12:15:00
- Edited by: Lucian Thetis on 18/10/2010 05:08:58 il join, i can get two dudes from my corp easy. ar ...2010.10.18 05:07:00
- thanks guys, my eyes are actually sore now.look, its real easy to say that people who arnt going to ...2010.02.11 12:22:00
- bump! ...2010.02.08 11:46:00
- y'know, i gotta say, it isnt goin much better for the amarr militia, my man. we typically have the ...2010.02.02 08:02:00
- hey, im a Slicer pilot, and i luuurv the new changes to the slicer (cooler name, LOADSA damage etc.. ...2009.12.22 11:09:00

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