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- Deploy a Small Tower with many hangar arrays. Unload the Orca there. Then use a freighter to move th ...2011.07.05 11:46:00
- You must evaluate how much time and how much effort is needed to bring the new supply tot he market. ...2011.05.31 16:57:00
- There seems to be a barrier near 600 ISK, which nocx is having a hard time to go over. If (BIG IF ...2011.03.11 03:10:00
- Edited by: Tamarana on 11/03/2011 02:57:01There are tons and tons of belts in highsec that are never ...2011.03.11 02:51:00
- The point is that high sec belt are mined as much as possible. I don't think there are belts untouch ...2011.03.09 20:24:00
- It is not exactly the same to give an alt a few millions of SP and drop him a JF worth 5 billions. S ...2011.01.16 14:27:00
- In the recent published chronicle about a Sansha Invasion I'm the only one to note this statement in ...2010.12.21 12:39:00
- I'm the only one to note this statement inside the narrative? "Unable to sustain a viable signal wi ...2010.12.21 01:08:00
- Do a freighter is able to manipulate its cargo and transfer it to the Orca in space? ...2010.12.19 23:21:00
- I agree with the idea, My only worry is about implementation, because taking something from others w ...2010.12.18 19:57:00
- Nocxium will continue to raise until a new equilibrium will be reached. Give the lower drop rate of ...2010.12.14 01:56:00
- Mining Pyroxeres in high sec will not allow to produce enough Nocxium for the current demand in high ...2010.12.10 12:25:00
- What would be interesting is a Mining support capital ship able to cloak the single ship in fleet an ...2010.12.10 11:53:00
- What will be the effect of the future Sansha incursions? Will the commercial traffic in high sec be ...2010.11.30 00:59:00
- An important question is, what will happen if the Sansha attacks become more vicious and start to in ...2010.11.29 13:06:00

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