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- can we get a mirror tonight just reactivated my account ...2011.06.15 15:07:00
- can we get a mirror just reactivated last night ...2011.06.15 14:55:00
- Secondly, corporate membership lists (for player corps). Currently you can see this in two places: i ...2010.02.26 17:11:00
- these are nice guys. have lost a few ships to them but because they are so fun to fight with. they k ...2009.09.21 00:47:00
- why don't we band together and wipe out all those freakin griefers and mercs that get a boner from k ...2009.09.13 00:48:00
- * Remove localThat will solve the whole issue.there is still the locator agents they should make s ...2009.09.13 00:27:00
- Tears like those will make sure no matter what the cost is, nobody will stop wardec'ing people.Have ...2009.09.13 00:12:00
- Hire a merc corp to protect you or join a corporation willing to fight it out with the people you se ...2009.09.12 23:59:00
- So, you are basically saying you want to mine and rat in lawless space, basically claim the system f ...2009.09.11 21:30:00
- Avoid giving other players the opportunity to suggest a war declaration. Most wars need to be justi ...2009.09.11 21:15:00
- yea, the op has a point. I dont know of any real life corporations that are in the business of war. ...2009.09.11 20:39:00
- Before a wardec goes live on you there are some things you can do too lesson the effect of the dec o ...2009.09.11 20:22:00
- i have the same issue wardecs are a way of people harassing you without ccp being able to step in i ...2009.09.11 19:54:00
- harassment should not be protected by war. there is a corp that is at war with mine so that they can ...2009.09.11 19:29:00
- well i had skills in que last night and eve mon says i have no skills in que soooo one can hope it ...2009.08.20 19:07:00

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