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- antisocial tendenciesYou say that like it's a bad thing Also, '@' is not a proper way to begin a sen ...2011.07.08 12:47:00
- Mixers are for kindergarten drinkers. *****. ...2011.07.06 15:48:00
- @Krixtal my combat ship was near. the problem was. the ******* had an 6 year old acount and with ...2011.07.05 19:03:00
- Wow, this is a new topic that has never been discussed on the forums before. Props for an original ...2011.06.28 11:39:00
- I see crime in this thread, still waiting for punishment. ...2011.06.17 18:30:00
- While the OP is a tard, I will agree that one of the two reasons for logging in will be removed. Th ...2011.06.17 12:44:00
- This thread is a lighthouse of win in a sea of failure. Well done. ...2011.06.10 12:10:00
- Socratic reminds me of the bossy kid on the playground telling all the other kids how to play. For ...2011.06.05 11:20:00
- I did this once, only I was flying a crow and not a rifter :( ...2011.06.03 21:59:00
- 10/10 relative to other posts in this forum. ...2011.06.03 21:30:00
- Just when you think you've seen the stupidest thing ever posted, the EvE community delivers a new lo ...2011.05.31 19:29:00
- I'd wager your CEO stole your tower. ...2011.05.30 23:36:00
- This is hilarious, keep digging yourself deeper OP ...2011.05.30 19:02:00
- The "anything but Alienware" crowd is funny...And the people who don't know anything about computers ...2011.05.30 14:39:00
- No band camp jokes? Disappointing....OP admitted to account sharing at the very least, so I say it' ...2011.05.29 18:06:00

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