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- The Legion is much faster and has twice the EHP, it doesn't need a range bonus for neut. If you wa ...2011.09.08 06:57:00
- I think we can all give a collective round of applause for an end to no-risk PvP.Long overdue. Bette ...2011.09.08 06:54:00
- Agreed. Missiles have enough difficulty applying their damage in the first place. You need a pair of ...2011.09.08 06:52:00
- That is the worst anecdotal evidence I've ever seen. Drones do basically the same damage profile as ...2011.09.08 06:50:00
- Well, if you're using a marauder properly, salvaging is a task of convenience rather than necessity. ...2011.09.07 22:10:00
- Don't listen to that crappy about the Amarr T2 ships being better in their respective roles than a l ...2011.09.07 20:14:00
- Oh sure -- for angel missions. Try swapping the damage profile to something a little less friendly t ...2011.09.07 20:11:00
- If it makes any difference to you, the Machariel is prettier... ...I definitely would not try to om ...2011.09.07 18:37:00
- Edited by: Aamrr on 07/09/2011 18:15:14 the reason i havent even considered the machariel or any ot ...2011.09.07 18:13:00
- 1, after i get all my support skills and tank skills to 5 woulld training for a marauder as money ma ...2011.09.07 17:23:00
- I said the niche was small, not microscopic. My point was that the utility of assault missiles was s ...2011.09.07 12:02:00
- Honestly, I'm as lost as you are. I tried to turn it into a kiting platform for nano gangs, but it w ...2011.09.07 10:58:00
- Don't forget Mr. Tracking bonus. Or Mr. Capacitor (Tachyon Paladin fitting elutriation rigs? Or a ca ...2011.09.06 13:39:00
- Edited by: Aamrr on 06/09/2011 11:33:07 The actual value of the number is irrelevant to whether it' ...2011.09.06 11:30:00
- 1. 2. 10 lower resist is not a "hole", it's fine. You get more EHP at that point using an extender o ...2011.09.06 05:04:00

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