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- I know it was frikin awesome.for some reason i cant get any of the other songs to play and i realy w ...2007.07.12 07:23:00
- Edited by: P3109 on 12/07/2007 07:14:47 my cats names aremale siamese ; mario same as above; winst ...2007.07.12 07:12:00
- dude ccp needs to hire you to create music, that was friggin good ...2007.07.12 07:00:00
- I almost just died laughing when I got a double kill on Halo 2 with... take a guess NEEDLERS!!sooo ...2007.07.12 05:59:00
- Edited by: P3109 on 12/07/2007 04:13:52 Hi all,I have been encouraged to post the following here on ...2007.07.12 04:13:00
- im still on lvl 2 missions :( but what exsactly is your problum, not anouth dps or just cant tank th ...2007.07.12 04:10:00
- Hopefully this will not be considered a cross-post. But for those of you interested in the sights th ...2007.07.12 03:48:00
- ive recently gotten into level 4 missions, ive been using a raven....well trying to, ive tried every ...2007.07.12 03:42:00
- i dont know what your complaining about, 20 mill of caldari navy cruser missles will keep my mantico ...2007.07.12 01:14:00
- Past two days, I've attempted to log onto Tranquility, but get this message:Could not connect to the ...2007.07.12 00:09:00
- heh awsome, i feel good for doing my part. the other day i stole from a macroers hulk, and apparantl ...2007.07.11 22:58:00
- Mine with "IronTide"IronTideThemedhow did you get your desktop to look like that, id like to have th ...2007.07.11 22:11:00
- And now we just killed a Thanatos ^^ That is a brag KM please hell of a job by the way keep it up ...2007.07.11 21:49:00
- Welcome to the world of piracy. I'd be surprised if any pirate hasn't done that before tbh.At least ...2007.07.11 18:24:00
- MY AWESOME BANDThis is the crappiest thing myself and my friends have ever done. We were all very, v ...2007.07.11 07:11:00

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