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- Could you provide a graph, or chart, involving this data about the UK, Germany, and the USA, but - t ...2011.08.15 23:59:00
- Great video, really well done. ...2011.08.15 04:49:00
- If you require a nuclear warhead to take it out, we're all ****ed anyway. Once that nuke detonates i ...2011.08.14 00:56:00
- None, because I don't have insecurity issues with my fellow countrymen or an inferiority complex con ...2011.08.08 23:34:00
- Awesome. The masses must see this! ...2011.07.01 18:06:00
- I cried. Give this man an award. ...2011.06.24 04:47:00
- is amazing. ...2011.06.24 04:39:00
- Gotta love when smack turns into damage controlDidn't want those carriers anyway. Am I doin' it righ ...2011.01.10 19:51:00
- ...realised how ignorant I was and became a teacher. I lol'd. ...2009.05.19 18:08:00
- Why? Torture would invalidate any confession he gave (cuz it's really good at producing false confes ...2009.05.12 03:51:00
- Snape killed Dumbledore!YOU BASTARD! ...2009.05.07 18:05:00
- I'd probably say one of the BSG battle scenes tbh. The resurrection ship, the battle liberating new ...2009.05.03 04:34:00

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